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BBC Online Strategie
BBC Online Strategy: Doing Fewer Things Better Iain Tweedale. Context. Inform, Educate and Entertain Accelerating digital take-up Changing market context Doing fewer things better Guaranteeing access for all Setting clear boundaries. A new single online strategy.

2018/19 is the second year of the BBC’s new Charter, and the first when our new operating framework is fully in operation. This document –our second Annual Plan –is an essential part of our accountability to licence fee payers, Ofcom, partners and stakeholders. It performs a number of functions: It outlines the BBC’s creative plans for the year –the ‘creative remit’ –that show how the BBC’s output contributes to its mission and public purposes. It demonstrates how the BBC’s services contribute to distinctiveness, through the conditions and quotas in the BBC’s Operating Licence and the BBC’s own additional commitments. It updates the BBC’s three-year strategy and its work plan for 2018/19, including the BBC’s budget at a high level. It updates the BBC Board’s approach to its duties and obligations.In the single year between the first Annual Plan and this one, the media industry has continued to changeat aremarkablepace. Global media giants arebeing bought and sold in a race for scale. Our audiences are rapidly changinghow they consume what we used to know as TV, radio and news.Money is pouring into some parts of the industry and draining from other partsat speed.Consumersare provided with unparalleled choice.It is clear that the BBC’s public service mission is as important today as it has ever been, if not more so. Never has it been more important for the BBC to remain the country’s most trusted voice, providing accurate news and information and making sure all views are heard in the public debate. Never has the BBC been more vital as the cornerstone of the UK’s creative and cultural strength, investing in British talent and creativity from all across the country. Never has it been more important to strengthen the BBC’s unique global voice, as Britain seeks to reshape its relationship with the world.A strong BBC can be a champion for the UK in the years to come. That means a BBC that champions the interests of audiences at home, with trusted news and brilliant British content for everyone. And it means a BBC that champions the values of theUK abroad, supporting our world-leading creative and digital industries and reflecting our culture to the world.The Board believes that the strategic plans being developed across the organisationwill allow the BBCto domore than ever for the UK in the years ahead. But this Plan is also clear that the environment around the BBC –competitive, financial, technological –has never been tougher. So this second BBC Annual Plan of the new Charter outlines a year of creative ambition that aims to meet the needs and expectations of BBC audiences todayand into the future.Sir David Clementi, Chairman

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