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Public Service Medien

bbc.co.uk vom 07.01.2019
The BBC is today launching a public consultation on its plans to reinvent BBC iPlayer – making it a destination in its own right, with box sets, live programming and archive titles that champion quality UK content and offer great programmes for longer.
Download: Public Interest Test Consultation
tbivision.com vom 08,.01.2019
The BBC has launched a public consultation on plans to “reinvent” the BBC iPlayer service, including making content available for at least 12 months after it is first shown as well as extending the availability of box-sets on the service.
Aus DisBoNews 11/2018:
digitaltveurope.com vom 18.12.2018
UK regulator Ofcom has presented a final set of interim directions to the BBC that will curtail its plans to offer extended runs of box-sets on the BBC iPlayer service. The instructions come ahead of the UK public broadcaster carrying out the Public Interest Test that Ofcom imposed in November.
broadbandtvnews.com vom 17.12.2018
Ofcom has told the BBC to conduct a public interest test (PIT) over plans to expand the BBC iPlayer. The BBC wants to extend the period in which a programme can be viewed, beyond the standard 28-days. This would put it in line with services such as Netflix that themselves sometimes carry BBC content.
youtube.com vom 07.01.2019
2019 New Year Message from Tony Hall, EBU President
BBC Director General Tony Hall begins his Presidency of the EBU this month. In a video message to Members, he talks about the benefits of working together, not just as a Union, but as a family.
Download: TOGETHER – EBU Member Services Strategy 2019-2021
inews.co.uk vom 29.12.2018
Stations are being taken up on the battlefields that will define the British media in 2019, and the BBC’s position is under perilous threat on multiple fronts. Across all platforms – from television and radio to mobile streaming – the public broadcaster is braced for new attacks from emerging and well-resourced rivals. In the coming months, up to and after Brexit, its global reputation as a leader in news coverage will be challenged as never before.
Kommerzielle Sender & Pay-TV
broadbandtvnews.com vom 08.01.2019
The indicator of the number of subscribers to pay television services fell by 0.11 million in the third quarter of 2018.

Online Video

wuv.de vom 07.01.2019
Video-on-Demand boomt, der bisher werbefreie Kanal wird begehrt bei Marken. Über Product-Placement und Branded Content gelingt es ihnen, die kaufkräftigen Streaming-Abonnenten zu erreichen.
emarketer.com vom 04.01.2019
The TV and OTT landscapes continue to shift and slide as consumers adopt digital video and streaming options, and the companies producing long-form content make bets on where audiences will spend their time. Here are eight digital video market predictions for 2019.
tvbeurope.com vom 04.01.2019
Service generated over 140 million views and attracted 1.8 million registered users
digitaltveurope.com vom 02.01.2019
Canal+ and other French television broadcasters signed a new windowing agreement with organisations representing the French cinema industry just ahead of the Christmas break, enabling it to make movies available on its service between six and eight months after their theatrical release for the first time.
emarketer.com vom 27.12.2018
For Netflix, 2018 marked another year of double-digit audience growth in the US, and its movie ambitions threatened to shake up cinema in the way that it has already shaken the TV industry.
variety.com vom 24.12.2018
The European Commission is in talks with the entertainment industry and national authorities to finalize the details of its European content quota for on-demand players.
Amazon and Netflix, the biggest streamers in the European Union, are bracing for the introduction of the 30% quota, but their planning for the new rule is being hampered by a lack of clarity over whether it relates to number of hours, episodes, or some other metric.


horizont.net vom 07.01.2019
Apple-Dienste gab es bisher oft nur auf hauseigenen Geräten des Konzerns. Das ändert sich inzwischen. Ein weiteres Zeichen dafür sind Filme und Serien aus Apples iTunes auf Samsung-Fernsehern.


wuv.de vom 08.01.2019
Da machen selbst die schlapp, die einen Hang zum Binge Watching haben: 2018 hat der Streamingdienst seinem Portfolio 90.000 Minuten Neuprogramm hinzugefügt.
broadbandtvnews.com vom 08.01.2019
Netflix is aggressively ramping up global productions, particularly in Europe and Asia according to the latest report from Ampere Analysis.
variety.com vom 06.01.2019
Netflix dominated the 76th Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday, scoring high profile wins for “Roma” and taking home a best TV comedy prize for “The Kominsky Method.”
warc.com vom 04.01.2019
With the success of a couple of its original movies over the Christmas period, Netflix is finally staking a claim as a player in this market and, according to one observer, laying the groundwork for a potential new marketing revenue stream.
advanced-television.com vom 02.01.2019
Netflix has revealed that over 45 million “accounts” watched its Bird Box movie in the first week of release – a new record.
theguardian.com vom 01.01.2019
The streaming pioneer Netflix’s first mover advantage has taken it to nearly 150m global subscribers – but serious competition is now coming as traditional media companies and Silicon Valley rivals fight back.
multichannel.com vom 31.12.2018
Netflix Cuts Apple Out of In-App Purchase Revenue
Netflix has gone through with a plan to cut Apple out of a 15%-30% share of subscription revenue on sign-ups made through its app store. Previously, if a user downloaded the Netflix app through Apple’s App Store and used the built-in billing system found in iPhones and iPads, Apple would take a cut of each month’s subscription bill. Netflix started testing a system that restricts users from using the in-app billing option, requiring them to go directly to the Netflix website to sign up.
variety.com vom 28.12.2018
The latest installment of ‚Black Mirror‘ puts the viewer in control. Or does it?


emarketer.com vom 02.01.2018
While the social network will face serious problems with user engagement, Facebook, in tandem with Google, will continue to dominate digital ad revenues.


tbivision.com vom 08.01.2018
The German business has bought the business outright, with OTF boss Ellen Windemuth set to stay on as CEO of the distributor. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.
sueddeutsche.de vom 03.01.2019
Zum ersten Mal seit 20 Jahren sind am Neujahrstag in den USA die Urheberrechte vieler Kunstwerke erloschen. Filme, Gedichte, Bücher und Musikstücke, die im Jahr 1923 veröffentlicht wurden, werden damit gemeinfrei. In den nächsten Jahren könnte auch die ersten Micky-Maus-Filme und F. Scott Fitzgeralds „Der Große Gatsby“ frei zugänglich werden.
obs.coe.int vom 21.12.2018
The legal framework for international co-productions
This publication provides an overview of many relevant issues concerning the co-production of films and other audiovisual works in Europe, including market figures, international and national rules, and funds supporting co-production.


advanced-television.com vom 08.01.2019
Nielsen has announced the launch of its enhanced cross-platform campaign measurement of advertising inventory, delivering clients deep insights into de-duplicated audiences viewing ads across smartphones, tablets, computers and television. Through this enhancement to include mobile and OTT audiences, Nielsen says it will provide media buyers and sellers with comprehensive, independent measurement across all platforms and help enable the market to monetise campaigns across TV and digital.
warc.com vom 08.01.2019
An overview of media consumption in Germany between 2012 and 2018. Total media consumption has fallen for the fourth year running, to 9:27 (hours:minutes).  This follows strong growth between 2012 and 2014, rising nearly one hour. Linear TV, broadcast radio and online are all recording declines since 2014.
globalwebindex.com vom 03.01.2018
The digital consumer trends to know: 2019
What global trends are shaping the year ahead? This report offers an exclusive look at the consumer, market and industry insights having the biggest impact on brand and customer experiences. Leveraging the world’s largest study on the digital consumer, stay clued into your target audience with the latest research from GlobalWebIndex.
Download: “Trends to know for 2019”
meedia.de vom 03.01.2018
Im Ranking der 100 größten Medienmarken, das MEEDIA aus den Daten der AGOF erstellt, finden sich im Dezember trotz der Feiertage diverse große Gewinner. Auffällig ist das erneute Plus einiger Ippen-Medien wie Merkur.de und tz. Der Merkur ist mit 1,44 Mio. täglichen Nutzern inzwischen sogar auf Platz 9 angekommen. Zu den großen Verlierern zählen hingegen DerWesten und der Business Insider.

Digitaler Wandel: Rückblicke-Ausblicke

ihsmarkit.com vom 03.01.2018
IHS Markit identifies the top trends for 2019: powered by transformative technologies
From the potential of 5G to the power of AI and more, our connected lives are being shaped by the growth and convergence of transformative technologies. As this convergence continues, formerly separate industries are intersecting in new ways, with new opportunities (and challenges) emerging.
Download: Whitepaper “The Top Trends of 2019”
tbivision.com vom 02.01.2018
An action packed 2018 saw top TV firms establish new frontiers by defining SVOD plans, finalising acquisitions and hiring top talent around the world. Here are some of the highlights that outlined our year.

Sprachassistenzsysteme & Smart Speaker

turi2.de vom 08.01.2019
Alexa, wie geht’s eigentlich Siri? Samsung bringt seine Sprachassistentin Bixby auch in Autos und setzt in der Entwicklung voll auf Künstliche Intelligenz. Nutzer können mit Bixby künftig auf die Google-Dienste Gmail, YouTube und Maps zugreifen – obwohl Google stark in eigene KI-Dienste investiert. Samsung ist jedoch durch jährlich eine halbe Milliarde verkaufte Geräte eine Macht. Sämtliche Kühlschränke und Waschmaschinen der Koreaner sollen bald smart sein.
handelsblatt.com vom 05.01.2018
Amazons Sprachassistent erfreut sich großer Beliebtheit. Im Weihnachtsgeschäft kauften die Kunden vor allem den Lautsprecher Echo Dot.
statista.com vom 03.01.2019
Nur 981 Alexa Skills stehen französischen Nutzern von Amazons digitalem Sprachassistenten derzeit zur Verfügung. Allerdings ist der Echo dort auch erst seit dem Juni 2018 erhältlich. In Deutschland hingegen ist der smarte Lautsprecher bereits seit Oktober 2016 auf dem Markt. Entsprechend größer ist auch die Zahl der Sprachbefehle, wie die Grafik von Statista zeigt.


meedia.de vom 08.01.2019
Die Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas ist nicht nur die größte Technikmesse der Welt. Heute offiziell gestartet gilt sie auch als Trendschau – auch für die Medienhäuser, die die Innovationen aufmerksam mit Blick auf eigene Geschäftsmodelle sichten. Was hier vorgestellt wird, landet demnächst in den Regalen der Händler und bei den Verbrauchern. Was 2019 in der Techwelt wichtig wird.
theverge.com vom 06.01.2019
After introducing an enormous MicroLED TV called The Wall at last year’s CES, Samsung has returned in 2019 with a smaller, 75-inch 4K TV that’s a far more practical fit for the living room. It uses the same MicroLED foundation as The Wall, combining “individual tiles of self-emissive MicroLEDs, featuring millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own bright light to produce brilliant colors on screen.” There’s no backlight required, so MicroLED displays can be incredibly thin.
variety.com vom 03.01.2019
More than 180,000 industry insiders are expected to swarm Las Vegas for CES, the annual mega-conference dedicated to consumer tech. Variety has put together a cheat sheet that identifies five key technologies to watch; developments on these fronts will have an impact on entertainment in 2019 — and beyond.
nytimes.com vom 03.01.2019
A.I. that responds to your voice. Next-generation wireless networks. If this year’s biggest consumer technology trends have a familiar ring, there’s a reason for that.
advanced-television.com vom 03.01.2018
Media and entertainment metadata provider Gracenote has launched its next-generation descriptive metadata solution designed to make possible more contextually-relevant and satisfying TV and movie discovery experiences.
gfu.de vom 27.12.2018 (PM)
Groß und scharf sind gefragt
Nach aktuellen Markt-Prognosen der gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH werden bereits knapp die Hälfte aller in diesem Jahr verkauften TV-Geräte eine Bilddiagonale von mehr als 45 Zoll (114 cm) haben. Ähnlich positiv entwickelt sich die Kategorie der UHDTV-Geräte. Sie bringen die vierfache Auflösung des aktuellen HD-Bildes gestochen scharf auf den Schirm. Die gfu prognostiziert für 2018 einen Absatz von 3,5 Millionen TV-Geräten mit UHD. Dies entspricht einem Anteil von 53 Prozent.


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